Everything you need to create
an engaging classroom experience
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Thorougly researched Interactive, Intuitive & fun interface

Activity badges

Fun and informative badges

Adaptive Lesson

Personalized lessons delivered to every student

Interactive practice

Interactive practices with draggable gestures

Activity points

Points for learning, points for good behaviour

Learning is fun

Learning through games, videos, books and many different media forms


Your own personalized avatar that grows with you


Every students learning data is now at finger tips. Find out their progress and conceptual understanding of a lesson after every class.

  • Easy classroom management

    Tracking schedule, taking attendence, engaging students through behavioral badges.Managing your class has never been this easy.

  • World-class Blended lesson plans

    Flexible lesson plan module for teachers who want to create their own plans or use our pre packaged lesson. These plans can be accessed through any browser enabled device and are fun, enjoyable and easy to implement.

  • Reports for every class

    Teacher gets granular reports from every class, so as to quickly adapt her focus for the class.

  • Reports for every student

    We store and deliver high quality data to the teacher in real time for every student. This allows the teacher to focus on every student individually and provide them the support needed on a 1-1 level.

  • More


All the information you needed about your childs learning

Student reports

Get access to your childs progress reports anytime, anywhere. You dont have to wait for Parent - Teacher meetings to understand how your child is learning and behaving in class everyday.

School Admin

Real-time data, easy to use interface and compact data

Tracking teachers progress

Easy management of Teachers and courses. We provide you with a rich set of data about your teachers delivery of lessons in the classroom and classroom performance. Using this data you can pair teachers together for peer learning or provide them with the professional development they need to excell.

Student Progress

Capture daily student reports to know how yout students are performing and if they are positioned for success.

Easy student Management

Add, remove, reassign students across different classes and courses easily.


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